Which VPN service does Anonymous recommend and use?

There are many choices when it comes to VPN providers. There are some VPN providers who offer the service free of charge and there are some which require a fee for service. In general, paid VPN providers are the way to go but we’ll get into that later. We have found that the (paid) VPN provider, IPVANISH, is doing an excellent job when compared to others, including free service providers which are very unreliable, slow and not safe — usually ‘free’ VPN services log your originating IP address and all traffic going back and forth from your device as a trade-off for being free. IPVANISH offers robust gateways, proven security, free software, unmatched speed, unlimited bandwidth, and the best of all: IT DOES NOT LOG TRAFFIC OR IPs! To stay completely and 100% anonymous, they even offer their customers the option of paying via PaySafeCard, however they also offer the usual payment methods and they accept PayPal. On top of all of this, they not only offer VPN software for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Chromebook and routers, but they also offer easy-to-install Android & IOS VPN apps. It is really easy to set up the VPN connection, either on PCs or on mobile devices with the apps, everyone can do it within a few clicks.

Click here to get more information and start protecting yourself!


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